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Purple Sparkler

"A circle of women may just be the most powerful force known to humanity.

If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it.

If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in..."


Upcoming 2022 Programs 

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From the Margins to the Main Page.

Motherhood on Your Terms.

For single moms, step moms, reluctant moms, resentful or regretful moms. Somehow you seem to be in the motherhood margin. 


Whether you're there because of your own choices or you find yourself there circumstantially, join this support space for mothers committed to experiencing powerful motherhood despite not having the partnerships or the support you need. As you step from the margins to the main page by activating necessary community support structures you begin to experience life happening more on your terms with less desire to withdraw, fight, or fold to circumstances you don't choose. It may just feel like experiencing your own debut! 


This group coaching program will meet over 6 months and combine live virtual group & 1-1 sessions with ongoing virtual community connection opportunities.

Woman Meditating

Rhythm Woman Meditation Class

Women leaders set the beat that the rest of the rhythms synch to, whether we're leading at home or in our place of work, but often we're waiting for our own beat to drop, so we can catch our breath and keep the pace.


This class is for women who want to harness the power of the mind through a guided and daily meditation practice that is rooted in Buddhist mindfulness teachings. 


This teaching will be paired with training you to use some tools that allow for the fullest expression of your feminine energies (not just the pretty ones!) so you can train the mind to notice itself and empower the body to serve as the sacred vessel through which you experience life and regulate your system to be one your people can co-regulate with. 

There is a suggested minimum donation for this donation-based women's group will meet weekly over 12 weeks and include virtual group communication opportunities.

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Cycle Wisdom Circles

For women who are spiritual entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial spirits ready to ground into their feminine wisdom and experience more integration and oneness among all the parts of themselves and their lives. 


Cycles repeat themselves and each subsequent cycle is influenced by the one before it. Learning how to work with the cyclical systems and patterns that we are a part of as women with bodies that are connected to nature is how we become modern magicians. We can shorten the parts of our cycles where we experience overwhelm and volatility and thus gain access to  more of that resilience and joy when we map out the many cycles that influence our lives. 


We'll get present to what's predictable when we tap into our bodies and our menstruality (for women with a bleed) and spirituality (by tending to the patterns of the earth and beyond), our relationship patterns, the seasons of our business or professional lives, and leverage leadership strengths at work and strengthen our impact on family.


A 90-minute workshop is offered monthly with a focus on the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle awareness where attendees may come once or every month!

A 12-week programs offered 3x in 2022 beginning in line with Spring Equinox in March, Summer Solstice in June, and Autumn Equinox in September.

Self-Paced Online Courses

Image by Laura Chouette

Mind Your Wisdom

A 29 day course with daily video prompts to support your bypassing our shoulds, and releasing the parts of ourselves we try to assemble to look "good." We'll explore 7 themes over 4 weeks to begin creating the lives we really want to be living including:

1) Womanhood,

2) Creativity,

3) Success,

4) Relationships,

5) Purpose,

6) Intention, and

7) Impact


Motherhood & Leadership

A companion course to my eWorkbook: Motherhood & Leadership. Content will dive deeper into each of the three ingredients necessary to giving up the life of trade-offs between motherhood and leadership responsibilities. In the section called Flow you'll take a Cohesion Assessment and identify the area of flow you falter in most. In Surrender, you'll take off the "do-colored glasses" and discover how to do less to become and receive more. Finally in Support you'll apply the REACH Model to recognize, empower, and ask for your needs to be met while also creating the space and holding the tension necessary to bring your desires to life.

"Belonging doesn't require us to change who we are; it requires us to


-Brene Brown

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