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Business and Career Development

As an ICF credentialed coach, I have coached over 100 entrepreneurs, service providers, and career professionals to launch and build their businesses. One's sense of purpose and fulfillmentent in life is often measured by her sense of growth and opportunity in our careers. our financial security and sense of independence and value are often directly linked to our ability to grow in this arena. Because we spend large portions of our waking hours working and it is easy to track and measure results in the business world, many people begin their coaching journey here.

Relationship & Team Building

I offer comprehensive custom designed coaching and team development programs for founding teams, small businesses, and families desiring a more cohesive operation and team dynamic. With a goal of creating a thriving team culture that allows for sustainable growth, and coaching the individuals and the team around taking consistent action, managing progress and leading from that new culture of relationship in preparation for a time of expansion. Topics may include, but aren't limited to exploring Current Styles and Ways of Working, Co- creating the Team Culture, Implementing Team Culture Norms Sufficient to Producing Results.

Interculteral Competence Impact Awareness

Intercultural competence is defined as the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities. As a Qualified Administrator of The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI), I partner with compassionate professionals desiring a greater awareness of their impact while engaging with colleagues and clients who are culturally different from themselves.

Expanding into Motherhood

Coaching in this area is for busy professionals who want to create an onramp into motherhood that allows for a powerful birth, healthy and fulfilling experience of family, and to be available for her career so that she can live her own version of "having it all". Many women who love their careers begin the journey into motherhood prepared to give something up, believing they will have to trade some aspect of the life they love to embrace motherhood. But she doesn't want to sacrifice any of it and so she sets off in search of the right work-life balance, project managing their way into motherhood, always trading something she values and yearns for more of for something she settles for. But it's actually not about sacrifice, time management or work-life balance. Download my eWorkbook on Motherhood & Leadership to learn what it actually takes!

Matrecence and the Postpartum Revolution

Matrescence is the process of becoming a mother. It is a developmental stage and a word that describes the physical, psychological, and emotional changes people go through during the monumental transformation that is motherhood. Coaching centers a holistic support for new mothers from a fundamental belief that the mother's postpartum healing is the basis for the baby and the new family thriving in community. Read Laura's articles: New moms, be imperfect out loud! Returning to work, reclaiming self and maintaing peace for new mamas

Coaching & Consulting


Coaching Programs

Coaching is a partnership intended to maximize your personal and professional potential.

One-on-One coaching allows you to take massive action and experience transformational shifts in your life that impact your unique personal and professional goals with me as your coach acting as partner and co-creator.

Group Coaching also connects you with like-minded people who share challenges and/or a desired outcome. 

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Goddess Programs

We offer a signature Group Coaching Program for women desiring a greater connection to their intuitive voice within, universal wisdom,

and to community.

Via unique Curated Goddess Coaching Packages we offer a team approach to coaching individuals who wish to apply both Coaching and Shamanic Energy Healing to transform their relationships and their life results.

In all programs we look across the landscape of one's personal and professional lives, encouraging a once-and-for-all shift. 


Workshops & Circles

Personal leadership, 

Purpose and voice, Motherhood, Menstrual Cycle Awareness,

Culture & Belonging, 

...and more

Each month, sign up for a variety of sessions and workshops on the diverse subjects for women to support growth and empowerment in the areas.


My first coaching session with Laura was an Aha moment. As we were talking she reflected something she heard that I didn't notice. At that time it all came together. I instantly was able to redirect my focus and see "who I'm being about the thing that I'm doing"! If you want a breakthrough I would highly recommend coaching with Laura Kline Taylor!

Nancy S., New York

 ASK  laura

How does coaching work?

We start with a conversation about what you want. If you weren’t focused on what’s wrong, or what isn’t working — what would you ask for? If the answers don’t immediately come to you, don’t worry: They’re inside you, and my job is to help you find them. Our Work Together Includes:

  • Weekly 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Spot coaching as needed between sessions
  • Support designing your projects and tracking your progress toward achieving your goals
During our sessions, I’ll ask powerful questions to help you step into your innate wisdom. As your coach, I relate to you as creative, resourceful, and able to produce the results you crave. I also serve as a partner and support structure to add velocity and power to your pursuit of the life you want, and hold you accountable to your desired outcomes. When you make a commitment to coaching, you are making a commitment to leading a bigger, more fulfilling life. Together we look at the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and then we close the gap. The results are nothing short of miraculous.

How is coaching different from therapy?

In coaching, we acknowledge the past for having gotten you to where you are today, but unlike many forms of therapy, we don’t spend time looking back to analyze the past. In addition, while a lot of therapy focuses on fixing or healing you (the definition of therapy is to treat a disease or disorder), coaching focuses on empowering you to generate the outcomes you desire. On a concrete level, coaches undergo different training than psychologists or social workers who work as therapists. I trained with Accomplishment Coaching, which offers an extensive training program that is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

What does it cost?

I offer different pricing based on your goals or the package you select. If you’re interested, schedule a complimentary session and we can explore it together.

Do we meet virtually or in person?

I work primarily with my clients by telephone or video conference call for a couple of reasons. First, my experience is that you are relaxed in the comfort of your own space and willing to have the honest, vulnerable conversations that will move your projects forward most powerfully. Additionally, this structure allows us to remain focused on the conversation about your life and goals, and not allow visual or environmental distractions to take from the time allotted to your coaching. If you are local to the Rochester area, I am happy to meet with you in person for an additional fee.

How long will we work together for?

​The experience of coaching can be powerful, with value generated in the first 15 minutes. Most of my clients are pursuing life-changing goals and big results that require a commitment to themselves and the process. I typically partner with my clients for a minimum of 6 months after which point we look at what makes sense for you and your vision.

Do you guarantee results?

Nope! While I am committed to you reaching your goals, I hold you accountable as the creator of all you want. If you are open to being playful, honest, getting messy, and allowing great things for yourself, you can expect great results — namely, to experience more joy in your daily activities, and to experience a deeper trust in yourself and connection to your intuition. You’ll likely start to recognize that everything is a choice and you have agency in all you are up to. You may even experience more inner peace and strengthen your connections with others and with spirit.