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HI, I'M laura! 



I HELP Leaders WHO ARE Mothers






I partner with high performing women, entrepreneurs, and visionary leaders to produce breakthrough level results in their area of work, and I stand with my clients in support of the relationships they nurture at work and at home so they can grow exponentially as a result of achieving desired outcomes.


I hold space for all women to transform from whom they thought they “had" to be or “ should" become, into who they most want to be for themselves, and have what they desire most in their marriages, for their children, and in their communities.

I focus my coaching in the areas of business and leadership development, interpersonal and cross-cultural relationship building, and expanding into motherhood.


I live in Rochester, New York where it is an honor to lead from the rule book of life written by my 4 yr old daughter, to dance endlessly with my 2 yr old son, and pave the way for their futures partnering with my 6'5" husband. ​(You can also find me on ) 


How I got here

I love finding ways to blend what at first glance or instinct seems to contrast or contrast. I play with strategic imbalance and creative dissonance.

I believe strategic imbalance creates what most of us seek in “finding balance” and I’m committed to pairing the hard with the soft, the rugged with the plush and the velvet, the rustic with the chic, and the rigor with the love.


And it’s why I have been called since becoming a mother to make accessible and normalize the conversation for mothers that brings forth the messy with the beautiful, the ease available amid the chaos, the sense that “it’s all f’d” mingle seductively and productively with the sense that “all is right in the world.”


And it’s my love for strategic dissonance that fuels my rage when I encounter spaces that support mothers resigned to the notion that one choice or lifestyle cancels out another.


“Well yes, your ideal birth vision is lost, but….as long as the baby’s healthy”, “Oh your career growth...., that’s the sacrifice that comes with taking leave and becoming a mother.”


To me these messages support a belief where one desired outcome crowds another with a smothering recognition and a punch line that reads more like a gut punch.

I believe people, partners, and processes become more beautiful after transforming through adversity and the physical world around me reflects my appreciation for creative ensembles materially, in relationships, and in my career! 

My content reveals much about my own resistance around being and becoming a mother. Not because I didn’t want to become a mother, and not because I don’t absolutely love being a mother. But because I’m not the first mama who stepped up proudly to claim the role of Mother, and experienced the debut as a bait-and-switch scheme, where my expectations to make a positive impact and be fulfilled in mothering became pitted against the other parts of my life I was fiercely committed to. 


My personal work has been to excavate my own belief systems that support this set up and dissolve the assembly line patterns of society that create this all too common reality for powerful brilliant women everywhere! 

The message I favor for us is: Yes, there are trade-offs and hand-offs, but motherhood is not an off-ramp from your life

into never-never land.

No, it’s not. 

What else am I up to?


I’m writing two books! One is a Workbook that will be accessible online (and available by the holidays!) on Motherhood & Leadership and how each is the portal to more fulfillment in the other. It walks readers through three foundational practices that professional mothers can intentionally engage with. The concept of the second book is centered around the lessons we never got as girls and is a call to mothers to learn and apply them now as the ultimate expression of love and best investment to our girls’ futures. 


I’m expanding my knowledge of the diverse preparation practices available to women during the postpartum phase and owning my brilliance as a holistic postpartum doula.


I’m revealing my discoveries around childbirth as the ultimate open-portal point to a woman taking back, keeping, or handing over her power.

For more, follow the work of Vagina-practor Kimberly Ann Johnson and Rachelle Garcia Seliga's on Midwifing a Cultural Shift

(3 names = quality work! ;-)

I’m doing my own deep dive and sharing with others how we can

reclaim our fullest life force through menstrual cycle tracking

(yes, the cycle itself, not just the period when we bleed) and by engaging in menstrual cycle awareness - it’s SO much more than fertility awareness!




My first coaching session with Laura was an Aha moment. As we were talking she reflected something she heard that I didn't notice. At that time it all came together. I instantly was able to redirect my focus and see "who I'm being about the thing that I'm doing"! If you want a breakthrough I would highly recommend coaching with Laura Kline Taylor!

Nancy S., New York

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