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Goddess Gathering

Co-Created in Partnership with

The Goddess  Gathering

The Goddess Gathering is a 12 week program for an intimate group of women who know the power of sisterhood and know the value of community in sustaining your physical momentum, emotional endurance and mental resilience in unpredictable times.

NOW IS THE    Time 

It's a time in the world’s history when the opportunity to turn inward required by the global health crisis of Covid-19 has exposed new talents, desires, and we are developing new strengths and gifts to bring those dreams to life.


It is time to declare and take ownership of the future and bring it into the light.


In a time when weaknesses have been exposed in the foundations of our societies, families, systems, and human rights, it’s the time to acknowledge the roles women play, the places we want supported, and the times we don’t show up.


And it's time to show up.


We are in a time when we are acknowledging the systems that have allowed us to operate with collective unconsciousness, and it is time to draw on our inner authority and the voice that speaks from the depth of our innate wisdom.


We are in a time of awakening to more oneness and connection. Each of us more aware of our personal authority and responsibility. This is referred to by some as a unity consciousness that is calling. A way of living where only energies consistent with love and light may exist. The moments of living our lives as dictated by masculine forces are slowly slipping away as women everywhere take their power back individually and collectively - and rise up.


And it is time to gather. 


Group Coaching & Healing

Two 90 minute group sessions/month on Wednesdays at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific. Recorded so you can review if you miss any part of it. 


1 : 1 Coaching & Healing

One 60 minute personal visioning session with Laura and/or Sarah. 



Direct access to Sarah and Laura on Voxer voice messaging app 

And more

Introductory Shamanic Energy Healing and lessons on how to empower yourself to live in harmony with your own energy and Mother Earth 

Guidance on practices to support and enhance your body-mind-spirit alignment.

Integration of your Masculine and Feminine strengths and the experience of greater ease and flow in your professional and home life. 

Interpretation and application of intuitive visions to daily life. 

Techniques to overcome your most seductive strategies for self-sabotage.

Support and Guidance from Sarah and Laura and our collective expertise in personal human connection and communion with ourselves, others, and with nature and the divine.

Support and accountability are essential to creating true change in yourself, your relationships, and the world. 

Daily contact with Goddesses in the private Facebook group.


Sarah Brianna Smith

I guide women to empower themselves, become their own healers and tap into untamed self love. As a Soul Coach, Shamanic Energy Healer and Yoga Teacher, I have dedicated my life to educating individuals on how to heal their minds, bodies and souls. By helping people heal and awaken to their soul's purpose, I am able to increase their self love and quality of life.

Laura Kline-Taylor

I support women leaders to show up fully to their missions and their mothering. I partner with people who identify as high performing women, entrepreneurs, and visionary leaders to produce breakthrough level results in their area of work. My focus areas of coaching include business and leadership development, interpersonal and cross-cultural relationship building, and expanding into motherhood. My stand is for us to experience more ease, power, and joy in our professional and family relationships and that they grow exponentially as a result of us achieving our own desired outcomes. 


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