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I’m a different kind of life coach for women — mothers especially — 

who are ready to do the sacred work of kicking their perfectionism to the curb. 

When we get vulnerable and accept the truth about who we really are,  

we tap into incredible power, serenity and joy. 

We discover the freedom that comes from being imperfect out loud.

I talk to so many mothers who get stopped by thoughts like these:

I’m so busy caring for other people, there’s just no time to take care of myself.

I wish I could find a way to balance everything.

I don’t have enough energy/time/money for what I want. 

My life is fine, it’s actually pretty good. Who am I to want more?

I’ve worked so hard to get where I am — I’m afraid to embark on a new path.

I don’t know how to choose what’s next for me. It feels so complicated.

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Now I get it.

Oh, I get it.

But I ask them - and you - to consider:

What if these thoughts were stories we got to rewrite?

What if you were allowed to want what you want? Period.

What if you could raise the bar so that your life aligned with your expectations of it?

What if you felt brave and supported enough to try a new way of being so as to create it?

photo by Gabriella Hunt | www. gabriellahunt .com

With the right tools and a little bit of support

Everything is Possible



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