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This coaching group meets three times each month.

During the week we do not meet as a group, your coach is available

for one-on-one support on your projects.

Specific dates will be confirmed directly with group members upon registration. 


Are you ready to get into action from a more connected place in life?

Laura is a Life & Leadership Coach whose work puts a spotlight on the opportunity for leadership that she believes motherhood - and any project big enough to bring us to our knees -

can be when we shift our expectations to focus on our desires.  


Laura challenges herself in marriage and motherhood on purpose so she can discover and create what she wants.  Her clients are consistently working to reclaim, reinvent and reinvigorate the areas of their lives and the relationships that matter most - starting with ourselves.

She is the graduate and leader of Accomplishment Coaching, and a highly trained, ICF credentialed Coach.


contact Laura at

or visit


Group Coaching for Women who live and mother boldly

Join this group to :

Uncover who you are when you are your best self

Gain clarity and expansion of your life purpose

Create the next year of your life through the lens of your best self and your life purpose

Connect with women who are living in the now

Create structures to support you in fulfilling on what you create


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