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This workshop will introduce you to the growing and dynamic world of coaching and provide you with the powerful tools to apply to the projects in your life allowing you to achieve results at a level beyond what you currently believe is possible.


Are you ready to get into action from a more powerful place in life?


Laura will be partnering with Bee Boman of Luminescense Life Coaching.


Laura and Bee are both graduates and leaders of Accomplishment Coaching, and are partnering here for the first time to bring you two voices, two hearts, and two radiant spirited coaches for 4 hours of powerful coaching exploration. 


Tickets are extremely limited to ten participants.


The November 30th Workshop will begin promptly at 9am

and will conclude by 1pm. 


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The December 1 Workshop will begin promptly at 10am

and will break for lunch between 12-1pm before

coming back together to conclude by 3pm.


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Power Tools for Living

Come to this workshop to create:

Who you are when you are your best self

Clarity and expansion of your life purpose

The next year of your life through the lens of your best self and your life purpose

Structures to support you in fulfilling on what you create


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