The Mothership: Give life to your vision


Tuesdays 8pm

September 10 - October 29

at NuMovement, 716 University Ave. Rochester, NY


Giving birth isn't just an event. It's a lifestyle.

Join this intimate group experience for leaders who are mothers and give life to your projects on

The Mothership.


When a woman's creative power is unleashed, be it through motherhood or leadership, our toughest job can become our greatest work.

As a mother you are a creator and your creative energies need a voice, a space to move, and a community to grow.

As a leader you have a vision and you dare to give it life.


The Mothership is a 4-8 week program where we create the mindset needed for those of us who dare to have it all.

We combine intuitive wisdom with decisive action, and set the stage for a graceful and successful emergence into the next phase of our lives. 


Whether your next creative project is the birth of a human baby, your next career move, an artistic expression or the implementation of a cause you believe in, this program will support you.

it's motherhood. it's leadership.

it's life.

What you get

  • 4 or 8 group coaching sessions (75 minutes each) 

  • Clarity on your vision for your next phase - your project/career/business venture

  • A project plan to help you give life to your vision

  • Techniques to overcome your most seductive strategies for self-sabotage

  • Language to enroll others in your vision and tools to cultivate it out in the world

  • The support and accountability that are essential to creating true change

  • Community and connection opportunities with like minded women

  • Custom support from Laura on your personal vision


What we’ll cover

Each session will include a moving meditation and visioning exercise as well as personal coaching and support to help you overcome your blocks


Phase 1: Give Life

Session 1: Uncover the true essence of who you are and what is possible in leadership and motherhood as you fully expressed.
Session 2: Connect with the vision that includes your own version of "it all" and design the mindset needed to go after it.

Session 3: Design the objectives and measures of success that are aligned with who you are and your project vision and values.
Session 4: Determine the levels of accountability and support needed and set the stage to avoid self-sabotage and procrastination. 

Phase 2: Give Birth

Session 5: Add voice to your vision. Broaden your reach and deepen your impact by getting real about why this project matters.

Session 6: Build the resilience and stamina to withstand daily challenges

Session 7: Integrate your project with the rest of life's commitments

Session 8: Refine and reflect on progress to date and next steps to carry your project forward!

The essential nature of motherhood requires leadership -

and the essential qualities of great leaders are reflected in motherhood.