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Talks for Women who are Career-minded and Mother-wise



Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging


Join Coaches Laura Kline-Taylor and Carla Rey Vasquez whose collective work aims to support and empower women in the spaces they take up and the causes they take on!

This fire-side chat style webinar is geared toward professional women who: 

  • Wonder how to engage the people you're responsible for on your teams about cultural difference - both at work and at home!

  • Seek a framework and some vocabulary to engage your teams in the conversation on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Are eager to learn how to make even the riskiest topics safe for discussion so that you can foster organizational and societal shifts.

  • Instead of clamming up or blowing up, are committed to turning disagreement into dialogue and conflict into collaboration.

  • Value and seek to embody and promote a culture of inclusion and belonging in a diverse environment where you're the boss!


Join these intimate conversations among powerful women facing similar challenges and gain new insight, resources and strategies to support you!

"Belonging doesn't require us to change who we are; it requires us to


-Brene Brown

$ 25.00

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Meet the Coaches & Guests

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Laura Kline-Taylor

I am a Leadership & Maternity Coach supporting leaders who are mothers show up fully to their missions and their mothering, and I partner with high performing women, entrepreneurs, and visionary leaders to produce breakthrough level results in their area of work, and I am a stand that the professional and family relationships my clients are committed to growing. exponentially as a result of achieving desired outcomes.

My focus areas of coaching include business and leadership development, interpersonal and cross-cultural relationship building, and expanding into motherhood.


Carla Rey

I enjoy creative processes and idea generation that inspire change. My paid and volunteer careers have focused on supporting women generally and mothers  specifically, by working in leadership development, youth empowerment, conflict resolution, and advocating  for the improvement of health outcomes for women and mothers. I draw on my anthropology background, and my experience working in diverse teams, to help people work across cultures, navigate conflict, and thrive.

My focus area of coaching includes networking and career development, working and living across cultures, and building brave spaces.

Callan Blount Fleming headshot (1).jpg

I'm Callan Blount Fleming, and I am deeply passionate about making work actually work for parents. As an executive coach and facilitator with experience across industries, I founded and run Spark Collective to work with individuals to do purpose-centered and people-driven work.


I'm particularly focused on partnering with companies to create the best conditions for working parents through leadership coaching and training of parents, their managers, and senior leaders.  

Callan Blount Fleming

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