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Covid-19 - A Letter from the Future

Dear Covid,

I can’t help but think about your name, Co: joining, mutual, collective, and vid: the first three letters of the word “life” in Spanish – and how NOT TOGETHER we lived for so long. I sure couldn’t see it at first, but you showed me a new way to LIVE TOGETHER, to BE WITH myself, to UNIFY all the parts of me that I’d kept confined to their compartments as if that would somehow keep things more organized. Thank you so much for gifting me a new way to love and a new way to need support. Without you I’m not sure I would’ve been so confronted with the hoops and hurdles and barriers of entry to my heart that I put up. I may never have craved the love so bad had you not given me the opportunity to be with 'L' day after day, and in new creative ways. To confront my demise, to crumble, and re-build.

Covid, it was a year I hadn’t budgeted for and for awhile I wasn’t sure 'J' and I would survive you at first. Had you not showed up and sat on my front porch for so.dang.long I’m not sure I would’ve been willing to create the level of partnership with my love that I have. Man, this was a ride NOBODY saw coming.

But thank you, Covid, for your purpose in the infinitely intelligent plan to bring us back to what is and what needs to be. Thank you for cleaning the skies, the waters, and awakening more hearts so Mother Earth and beyond could survive. I was so angry at the surprise, the confusion, the lack of enrollment! Highlighting my disconnection, the places I had been living in a permanence of ONE DAY bringing an urgency to making that be NOW.

Covid, in a few words, thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime. I am proud to be a woman who took the rest for herself when you showed up instead of giving any more of myself to you, the next great circumstance.

You are my gift of at Cause, Ownership, Vitality, Intimacy, and Delight. And 19 now represents the 19 improvements that became possible because of you.

  1. My marriage is a reflection of my greatness and my full potential

  2. My identity as a daughter’s mother is fully empowered and “Scary Mommy” knows who’s in charge.

  3. My relationship to 'L' is MILKY WAY-OCEAN-GARDEN-EVOLUTION-LOVE

  4. I play, celebrate and dance as a wellbeing practice

  5. My deepening of willingness to ask for support when I don’t need it – and when I do

  6. The integration of my commitment to the structure and the community of Accomplishment Coaching and to truly thriving – getting it all.

  7. 'J' hires a Coach

  8. The Mothership truly soars.

  9. Laura Kline-Taylor Coaching differentiates herself from her Motherhood Services and merges with The KTR Group

  10. My family takes ownership of our finances and grounds itself in integrity for establishing our Estate Plan, Will, and Life Insurance, etc.

  11. I’m in the best shape of my life.

  12. I own the Being of Trust inside and out

  13. We have invested in an expansive, dynamic, solid support structure and we have humans and systems that uplift us like woah!

  14. My mental health and creativity are sourced and tapped regularly.

  15. I’ve created a place for my art in my business

  16. 'J'and I have a plan for our next move.

  17. I hold myself as The One with honor, pride, gratitude

  18. I am genuinely and fully present with and grateful for every human

  19. My children know Peace, Love, and Joy are the greatest tools of our human race.

And so it is and so it shall be!

You sure threw us a curve ball, but thanks for being brave enough to trust the goodness of most and reset us as a nation of humans on a path toward true greatness.

With love and gratitude.


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