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Chief Executive Mother

Chief. Executive. Mother.

You might actually be the CEO - or you might be Type A, career-driven, and have kids.

Either way, you have the CEO mentality, and you play the role of boss of the home.

It's a really f*cking bad-ass space to occupy, and it's also one that not a lot of us embody.

A lot of us play this role from our heads entirely.

And we're at odds with our bodies about it. We're inconvenienced by our bodies, we're annoyed by our bodies, including our heart.

So all that love that goes into the mothering - it's inconvenient if we're gonna be worthy professionals...or so we tell ourselves.

All of those relationships that we yearn for to finally actually work - they require us to slow down and press pause on the high achiever go-mode speed, and get clear on what we really want.

The women I've been working with are ^^^all of this ^^^ and they're starting to hear a voice that's not in their heads. It's their intuition. It's their inner wisdom that's saying "slowing down is the way to access your power and your creativity, and your joy."

Slowing down doesn't mean sitting down on the couch, scrolling through your phone, or even getting away to a tropical place with all-inclusive strawberry daiquiris.

Women are slowing down to understand their own cycles, their own rhythm, their patterns of self-sabotage and overwhelm, and then putting the awareness of the unique patterns and cycles that are innate to our bodies into the ways they live, work, and mother.

If you're not working with your cycles, you're working against them.

If you're overachieving, overwhelmed, under acknowledged and underwhelmed, getting to know your sweet spots and predictable patterns will absolutely make a difference.

The most mind-blowing cycle I've harnessed recently is my menstrual cycle!

By tracking my energy, productivity, confidence, patience, and communication over three 28-day(ish) cycles, I have discovered the path to the most peaceful parenting, confident romance, and fruitful business growth than EVER.

So pick a cycle. Any part of your life that you see show up and run it's course from time to time. And track how it goes the next time you're in it. You will have a guide for who and how to respond and engage with it all - but better and more grounded in yourself - every time it plays out from here forward!

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