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 laura's STORY



to create a picture-perfect  life.

I accumulated accomplishments that masked my fear of never being enough. 

And then one day I realized that the job I'd convinced myself was my dream, wasn't. 

And my marriage - the one that looked perfect from the outside  - was actually rocky and uncertain. 

My life included everything I had put on paper and what I said I wanted, but the experience was far from what I signed up for.

I began working with a coach, who helped me see more clearly the truth about my “perfect” existence. I got vulnerable — really vulnerable. My husband did, too.

Miraculously (or so it felt at the time), the more real we were with each other, and with ourselves, the stronger our relationship became. After a lot of intense and honest work, I broke through the beliefs I was holding onto that got in my way.

I accepted that life can be messy and beautiful at the same time — that without the possibility of failure, there can be no courage, and without room for fear, there is little room for love.

And then one day, my husband and I did the bravest, most challenging thing we’d ever done: We became parents.

Today, my company, Laura Kline-Taylor Coaching, helps fellow mothers replace the persistent feeling of never being enough with the true power and serenity that come from being imperfect out loud.

I live with my husband, our four-year-old daughter, and one-year-old son in Rochester, New York. 

These days, I see the choice as a daily practice. 

I choose the things I want my life to include and I create the experiences and relationships I get to have around those things.

I choose myself and all my imperfections.

I choose my husband and our marriage.

I choose coaching as the full expression of my purpose. 

I choose motherhood. 

And I choose imperfection as a mindset and a way of being. 

When life looks good, but it feels like a nightmare, it’s a lot of work to keep it all together and my power gets lost to the show and to managing around people and situations.

Sound familiar? 

When I allow life’s mess to show up both inside and out, I get full access to my love, my power, and my creativity. 

And then I also get the dream. 




My first coaching session with Laura was an Aha moment. As we were talking she reflected something she heard that I didn't notice. At that time it all came together. I instantly was able to redirect my focus and see "who I'm being about the thing that I'm doing"! If you want a breakthrough I would highly recommend coaching with Laura Kline Taylor!

Nancy S., New York


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