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Dear  Mama to be,

Maybe you're wondering... 

  • How will I continue being a successful career woman and present partner and also be a great mom?

  • How can I retain the parts of the lifestyle I love and still be the mother I want to be? 

  • What changes can I anticipate and plan for?

  • How will I navigate the long days at home with a baby?

  • What will the potential return to work look like, and what should I put in place now?

  • How much support will I need and how do I start to build that proverbial village?

  • How can I approach challenging conversations and get clear on what I want as I prepare for birth, postpartum and return to work stages?

If this sounds familiar and are feeling stuck, anxious, or worn out

Then you are ready for Mother Space.

In this intimate and insight-filled course you will:

  • Be part of a brave global space of like-minded mamas where you can share and be supported around fears and apprehensions. Whether yours are common to mothering or unique to you, you're not alone.

  • Get to hear from real mums about the joy and the grit of motherhood. Learn success stories and secrets to overcome your challenges. 

  • Receive and practice techniques for dealing with sleep deprivation, anxiety, frustration, and stress.

  • Have access to resources and concrete tools to address difficult conversations and become the best advocate for you and your baby.

  • Gain access to the latest knowledge on baby brain development, child-rearing, and parenting approaches, so that you can have informed conversations with your support people and others.

If you're ready to take control of your motherhood experience and feel empowered from labor through postpartum, join us for the launch of Mother Space. ​

Mother and Baby



-The Fourth Trimester Collective

Session Overview

  • Make Way for the New You via a customized session with Laura & Carla to envision pregnancy, birth and early motherhood on your own terms

  • Holistic Birth Preparation - Knowing your choices early, and bringing your voice and vision to thrive in the face of the unexpected

  • Boundaries & Self Care - Build in space for you from day one of your life with a newborn

  • How to Build Your Support System - Navigating parenting philosophies, changing relationships, and support networks as new parents

  • Promoting Holistic Postpartum Wellness - Unpacking the top 5 needs of postpartum women, understanding your emotions, balancing your hormones

  • Lifestyle Integration - How you, partner, baby, and career all come together

  • Reconcile the New You via a customized coaching session with Laura & Carla to successfully progress along the journey with your unique circumstances



  • Ideal for women not yet in the 3rd Trimester

  • Register for your first session with Laura & Carla to unlock the registration page for Sessions 2-7 


  • Ideal for women who already in the 3rd Trimester of pregnancy 

  • Register for your first session with Laura & Carla to unlock the registration page to select the four most relevant sessions for you

The course is held on five Wednesdays (or Thursdays, depending on where in the world you are!) at 8 pm US Eastern / 12pm New Zealand Time beginning the first week of September. 

Customized sessions will be scheduled while the course is running, and based on coach and client availability.

Meet your Coaches


Laura Kline-Taylor

I am a Leadership & Maternity Coach supporting leaders who are mothers show up fully to their missions and their mothering, and I partner with high performing women, entrepreneurs, and visionary leaders to produce breakthrough level results in their area of work, and I am a stand that the professional and family relationships my clients are committed to growing. exponentially as a result of achieving desired outcomes.

My focus areas of coaching include business and leadership development, interpersonal and cross-cultural relationship building, and expanding into motherhood.

Carla Rey

I enjoy creative processes and idea generation that inspire change. My paid and volunteer careers have focused on supporting women generally and pregnant women specifically, conducting research on pregnancy and child-rearing, conflict resolution, and working with midwives to advocate for and improve outcomes for women and mothers. I draw on my anthropology background, and my experience working in diverse teams, to help people work across cultures, navigate conflict, and thrive.

My focus area of coaching includes networking and career development, working and living across cultures, and building brave spaces.


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