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Menstrual Wisdom & Cycle Awareness

The Menstrual Cycle is more than your period!

Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) is process which centers the full 28(ish!) day cycle as a guiding and vital force in the life experiences of a person who menstruates.

in the name of claiming our full selves, having agency of all our parts, and creating lifestyles, relationships, and opportunities from a place of wholeness and unity.

Menstruality, however, is largely omitted, ignored, and dismissed from formal education and readily accessible sources of learning about our bodies and our menstrual cycles.


To practice Menstruality is to acknowledge the female life process from menarche to menopause (the first to the last bleed) and bear witness to the physiological and psychological death and rebirth process that when honored, can lead to greater awareness and personal authority.


I know more women who've found ease, joy, and their own power by way of letting go of what they've been conditioned to expect and accept than by thinking harder or stock-piling accolades.


And letting go is really all that Menstrual Cycle Awareness is about.


Surrender to the cyclical nature of life that defies any attempt to compartmentalize and discover deep integration and flow.

Yoga at Home


Menstrual Wisdom

& Cycle Guide


Menstrual & moon tracking

charts included+ more!

Menstrual Cycle Tracking Charts


Align your cycle with

the inner seasons

Moon Cycle Tracking Charts


Practice cyclical living by

aligning with the moon

These resources are for women discovering the unique blueprint contained within the female body.


The Wisdom Guide and Charts serve as the ultimate tools to support your building confidence, predictability, authenticity, and cyclical living using Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA). Inside, you can find 30 pages of content including:


  • An introduction to the 4+ phases of the Menstrual Cycle;

  • Guidance and worksheets to support Cycle Tracking;

  • Wisdom for navigating the transition periods from one phase into the next;

  • How to map with the Inner Seasons, track with the moon, and make sense of your hormones.

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