a Coaching Group for moms ready to be Imperfect out loud

Women of Rochester, NY!

Discover what you can make happen with  6 months of combined in-person and one on one coaching 

Become part of this intimate group of women  taking on their lives starting THIS FALL !



Reduced rates for repeat clients and registrants who enroll with a friend



Think of all the ways we let our kids be imperfect.

We know they’re testing boundaries or just experimenting, and we know that getting it wrong is part of growing up…


So while we may lose our patience sometimes, we fundamentally accept them — and love them — for the creative, curious, spirited beings they are.​​

What if we showed ourselves the same love?


And what if we resisted the pull to always present ourselves as perfectly put-together?

What if we explored a new way of being?

Some reasons to join the group:


  • You’re so busy caring for other people, there’s just no time to take care of yourself.

  • You wish you could find a way to balance everything.

  • You don’t have enough energy/time/money for what you want. 

  • You’ve worked so hard to get where you are — you’re afraid to embark on a new path.

  • You don’t know how to choose what’s next for you. It feels so complicated. (Shhh…it isn’t.)

  • You know the power of community and want to be supported by an intimate group of women doing meaningful work.

Let's have the audacity to wear our imperfections proudly, without apology

Let's practice the Art of being Imperfect out loud

Imperfect is...

Letting people in despite the mess in my kitchen… and my heart

Showing up unprepared and saying so

Letting go of the notion that at some point I’ll finally be “ready”

Saying “no, I don’t understand” … again.

Asking for help today… and tomorrow … and how about every Tuesday this summer?

Knowing I’m ok even when I don’t get my needs met.

When I allow life’s mess to show up both inside and out, I get full access to my love, my power, and my creativity….

And then I also get the dream!



Join me in exploring what happens when you rewrite the story of what's "perfect," and walk away with what you ACTUALLY WANT!


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