be Imperfect out loud with women who IGNITE! 

Ignite! 2020

Women's Group Coaching Program | July 9th - Sep 24th

Community accountability through virtual coaching

As a woman you are inherently a creator and your creative energies need a voice, a space to move, and a community to grow.

As a leader you have a vision and you dare to give it life.

When a woman’s creative power is unleashed, be it through our work, business ventures, motherhood, or other leadership projects, our toughest job can become our greatest work.


Our creative energies need a voice, a space to move, and a community to grow. As a leader you have a vision and you dare to give it life.


Ignite!2020 is a 12+ week program to create the mindset needed for those of us who dare to have it all. We combine intuitive wisdom with decisive action, and set the stage to ignite the next year and the next phase of our lives.


Whether your next project is a career move, an artistic pursuit, taking back your peace of mind or the implementation of a cause you believe in (like your sanity!), this program will support you.

What you get

  • Two 60 minute group sessions/month on Thursdays at 8pm ET. *Recorded so you can review if you miss any part of it.

  • One 30 minute personal vision casting session in your first month

  • An additional  45 minute personal check-in session each month you are enrolled

  • Clarity on your vision for the next phase - project, career, or business venture

  • Project planning templates/Google forms to give life to your vision and for accountability from Laura

  • Techniques to overcome your most seductive strategies for self-sabotage

  • Community and connection opportunities with like minded women

  • The support and accountability that are essential to creating true change

  • Access to video messaging app (optional) for accountability from group and to celebrate wins - group members check in to report on successful accomplishments

  • Access to digital and print materials for Laura’s evolving Mothership Coaching Program 


In this time of the unknown I am committed to creating a community of women fully empowered in coming together.

Before we talk money, let's talk! 

“ Coaching with Laura has literally changed my life! As a mom of three busy girls I was drowning in stress. The support Laura gave through group coaching has completely changed my thought patterns about life. I am not only a better mom, but I am better to myself. I honestly feel like Laura helped me press the reset button on my life.” 

— Stacey H. Rochester, NY

Laura seriously gets me! In one of our vision building exercises I wrote about my business getting into Refinery 29 and two months later we did a pop-up and had a full profile in Refinery and the Wall Street Journal and the evening news!

When I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey and gave myself permission to have a coach, a part of me was skeptical but I’m glad I’m breaking out of the mindset of denying myself support.”

— Lorelei B. Brooklyn, NY