Think of all the ways we let our kids be imperfect. We know they’re trying their hardest, so while we may lose our patience sometimes, we fundamentally accept them — and love them — for the creative, curious, spirited beings they are.

What if we showed ourselves the same love?


And what if we resisted the pull to always present ourselves as perfectly put-together?


What if we explored a new way of being?


Let’s have the audacity to wear our imperfections proudly, without apology.


Let’s practice the art of being imperfect out loud.

helping mothers be Imperfect  out loud

There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in"


Leonard Cohen

 WORK WITH  laura

I’m a different kind of life coach for women — mothers especially — who are ready to do the sacred work of kicking their perfectionism to the curb. When we get vulnerable and accept the truth about who we really are, we tap into incredible power, serenity and joy. We discover the freedom that comes from being imperfect out loud.

laura's STORY

I came to coaching as my seemingly perfect life was unraveling: Dream job? Turns out, not so dreamy. Perfect marriage? Quite the opposite. A series of breakthroughs left me passionate about the power of coaching and about helping other women — mothers especially — celebrate who they really are and what they really want out of life. Today I live in Rochester, NY with my husband (we worked it out) and our two (wonderful, exhausting, beautiful, messy) children. I’d love to help you on your journey to embracing imperfection and living a life you truly love.


My first coaching session with Laura was an Aha moment. As we were talking she reflected something she heard that I didn't notice. At that time it all came together. I instantly was able to redirect my focus and see "who I'm being about the thing that I'm doing"! If you want a breakthrough I would highly recommend coaching with Laura Kline Taylor!

Nancy S., New York



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