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Life Coaching to Mothers, expecting baby to arrive in

Spring 2019


Starting Dec. 1st, receive six months of coaching with me leading up to your birth at the deeply discounted rate of $270/month


  • Three 60-minute coaching sessions per month 

  • Unlimited spot coaching as needed between sessions

  • Facilitated project design, accountability, and tracking your progress toward achieving your goals as you prepare for life with baby and beyond

  • Resource sharing and connections with birth professionals

  • Bonus incentives for women local to Rochester: 

- 1 FREE Pregnancy Massage with Mama Moon Massage 
- 2 FREE postpartum doula visits 


Your payment will be paid forward and go directly to funding my continued certification in postpartum care. This education will allow me to elevate new mothers with coaching and postpartum support.  


"We have been surviving as Mothers and infants in modern times 

- but one a whole we have not been thriving.

Maternal health is foundational to society's health, and so,

to tend to children's health - our future generations

- we must begin by tending to the Mothers."

-Rachelle Garcia Seliga


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