Wed., Aug. 11 | 7:00pm ET

Menstrual Wisdom Workshop

Awaken to the ways that we can leverage our menstrual cycles as roadmaps - treasure maps really - to reclaim our confidence and make sense of our lives through Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA). This event is held monthly and promotes cyclical living in alignment with nature and the cosmos!
Menstrual Wisdom Workshop

Time & Location

Aug. 11, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
7:00pm ET

About the Event

Making sense of your life and reclaiming your confidence all begins with Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA).  There is a road map - well, really it's a treasure map to discovering the magic of your menstrual cycle and awakening the feminine path to power.

In this workshop we will work with your current cycle day and phase to expand awareness and understand the 4 Phases, both in biological terms and what you can expect that to look like in your daily living. 

You will receive guidance and tips for supporting yourself in each phase and aligning better in areas such as:

  • Communication styles and preferences (verbal and non verbal)
  • Physical sensations and activity
  • Relationships (romantic, professional, family)
  • Spiritual and Mental wellbeing
  • Self care and nourishment

Learn how to use Menstrual Cycle Awareness as: - a diagnostic tool that provides feedback about your vitality. It’s truly the 5th vital sign. - your number one self-care and stress management system. When you work it, it works. - a customized compass orienting you to what’s important to you at every moment. The more you tune in, the greater the lessons from your inner wisdom.

Learn how you can access: 

 - altered states of consciousness. I’m not kidding. Mamas who’ve been to labor land know this departure from the consciousness we live with daily into a place of altered focus and sense of purpose. This. Every month. You don’t have to have babies for this! - a female shamanic path of healing and toward greater awareness. By tuning in to the energies of the “wise wise west” (see my posts about the Luteal Phase) we orient our compass and can journey far with our true north point ever near.

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  • Menstrual Wisdom Workshop

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