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The Embodied Goddess

MAY 12, 2021 @ 7:30 PM

1 hr 30 min | $50

A Yoga & Coaching Workshop

to activate the unique flow of energies

and ignite the fullest expression

of your feminine power

Wherever you find yourself on the journey to the feminine, we believe you can leverage the energy and experiences that are currently present for you by looking to four key Goddess Archetypes, which reflect four reflect four distinct stages of energy that reside within each of us, as cyclical beings. 


Some days we come from the very soft and nurturing space where feminine yin energy resides. Others we are in our task-orientated masculine yang flow. And any given day we are somewhere between one and the other.

An Embodied Goddess knows when to surrender control to her heart-centered, open, and nurturing Goddess energy, and when to allow her grounded achievement-oriented masculine forces to lead. 

Whether that is a life cycle, a menstrual cycle, a moon cycle, or a seasonal cycle, we always have different hormones or energies at play. When we have awareness around which energy or Goddess archetype is most accessible to us at various stages in our cycles we can empower her energy within us to thrive. This 90-min yoga and coaching workshop is designed to show you exactly how you can work with your own energy and hormones to embody your own Goddess energies in a way that adds flow, power, and connection to your life.

Yoga at Home

Join Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer, Sarah Brianna as she guides you through a restorative Yin Yoga practice designed to help you embody your Goddess energies, including whichever you identify with in the moment. Through different poses, you will unwind and relax so as to access your own innate wisdom.


With this expanded wisdom we will end with an integrative coaching conversation that will support your new understanding of the ways your own inner seasons impact your productivity, relationships, and results and begin to experience more purpose and intention with the ways you engage in the places you show up to in the world.

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Meet the Coaches

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Laura Kline-Taylor

 I partner with people who identify as high performing women, entrepreneurs, and visionary leaders to produce breakthrough level results in their area of work. My focus areas of coaching include business and leadership development, interpersonal and cross-cultural relationship building, and expanding into motherhood. My stand is for us to experience more ease, power, and joy in our professional and family relationships and that they grow exponentially as a result of us achieving our own desired outcomes. 


Sarah Brianna Smith

I guide women to empower themselves, become their own healers and tap into untamed self love. As a Soul Coach, Shamanic Energy Healer and Yoga Teacher, I have dedicated my life to educating individuals on how to heal their minds, bodies and souls.

By helping people heal and awaken to their soul's purpose, I am able to increase their self love and quality of life.

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