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Image by Noémi Macavei-Katócz

Goddess Gathering



Shamanic energy healing + Professional coaching

Gather with Goddesses Laura Kline-Taylor and Sarah Brianna Smith whose collective work centers around Empowerment Coaching for Women, Mothers and Girls!


This circle is for women who: 

seek the combined support and structure of energy healing and coaching to infuse the professional  and personal work you're already doing with the wisdom of your soul, spirit and the universe.

know the value of sisterhood and community on sustaining physical momentum, emotional endurance, and mental resilience during unpredictable times.

Join us in this intimate space of women who will support and uplift each other as well as the collective energies surrounding us as we complete 2020 and welcome in a new year. 

Image by Annie Spratt

Now is the time.

It's a time in the world’s history when the global health crisis of Covid-19

has exposed the weaknesses in our personal, familial, and societal foundations. 

It is time to accept what isn’t working and fully release it.


In a time when the systems that support racism being possible 

are being called to transform, it’s the time to acknowledge the roles women play,

the places we aren’t supported, and the times we don’t show up. 

And it's time to show up.


We are in a time when the absence of structures supporting women’s rights 

is threatening the progress made to date,

and it is time to draw on our inner authority, and

the voice that speaks from the depth of our innate wisdom.

We are in a time when racism, gender inequality,

bigotry, misogyny, ethnic discrimination, and

blatant disrespect for cultural difference is on loudspeaker

around the world and in our living rooms. 

And it is time to gather. 

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Meet the Coaches


Laura Kline-Taylor

I am a Leadership & Maternity Coach supporting leaders who are mothers show up fully to their missions and their mothering, and I partner with high performing women, entrepreneurs, and visionary leaders to produce breakthrough level results in their area of work, and I am a stand that the professional and family relationships my clients are committed to growing. exponentially as a result of achieving desired outcomes.

My focus areas of coaching include business and leadership development, interpersonal and cross-cultural relationship building, and expanding into motherhood.

Sarah Brianna Smith

I enjoy creative processes and idea generation that inspire change. My paid and volunteer careers have focused on supporting women generally and pregnant women specifically, conducting research on pregnancy and child-rearing, conflict resolution, and working with midwives to advocate for and improve outcomes for women and mothers. I draw on my anthropology background, and my experience working in diverse teams, to help people work across cultures, navigate conflict, and thrive.

My focus area of coaching includes networking and career development, working and living across cultures, and building brave spaces.


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